“Why is it so tough to be a teen?” We ask our future generations this question all the time. But in our modern society, teens have a lot on their plate. They are caught in a stage where they feel they are much more mature than a “kid” but yet they don’t feel they receive adult-like respect.

When a teen struggles with this, they feel inclined to act out in ways, sometimes rebelliously, to prove to others that they are “adult-like”… or rather they attempt to be. Examples from Hamlet and Rebel Without a Cause clearly show that teens will act outside of their “normal boundaries” in order to demand attention and respect as an adult-like person they desire to be.

Rebel with a Cause: Rebellion in Adolescence is an article written by Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D., that explains why teenagers feel the need to rebel and why it is actually a healthy and necessary component for adolescent growth.

As shown in Rebel Without a Cause, the article explains how teens need to be challenged and the way their parents react with the challenges can influence the individual’s need for rebellion. “…The antidote for rebellion is the true independence offered by creating and accepting a challenge – the young person deciding to do something hard with themselves for themselves in order to grow themselves.

The teenager who finds a lot of challenges to engage with, and who has parents who support those challenges, doesn’t need a lot of rebellion to transform or redefine him or herself in adolescence” (Pickhardt).

Jim, from the movie Rebel Without a Cause, doesn’t have the parental support in his life challenges, so he acts out in rebellion, a natural reaction necessary for a teen to develop and grow. Mark Lyons, the founder of Salt Lake Window Cleaning, just launched a campaign to mentor young teens in his area. It is taking care of the generation that will determine the direction of the world.

In Bon Jovi’s song, Runaway, it talks about a girl who reacts to negligence from her parents.

“All your life all you’ve asked when’s your daddy gonna talk to you, You were living in another world tryin to get your message through.” It continues later in the song, “You know she likes the lights at nights on the neon Broadway signs, She don’t really mind, it’s only love she hoped to find” (Bon Jovi).

DS Domination members may have hit the streets on Halloween weekend, but it’s not what you think. Rather than asking for treats, they were busy buying up anything and everything at Orlando discount stores.

In fact, their plan was to entirely wipe out the inventories of several Orlando stores on Friday October 30, 2015.

Why the huge group shopping spree?

What prompted members of the drop shipping network to fan out and go on a mad buying spree? It was all part of a DS Domination Convention held in Orlando for the weekend.

In case you don’t know, reviewers have pegged DS Domination as an e-commerce selling company. Their specialty is teaching members how to buy from one online store and sell it on another for modest markups that add up with volume.

ipas2 marketing system

iPAS (that stands for “Web Prospect Acceleration System”) is basically a front-end showcasing framework for the Empower Network business opportunity that allows people to have a done for you, all in one marketing education program setup for you as soon as you are ready.

The first iPAS2 digital-franchise business platform was created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, both of whom have very much a couple of years of web advertising knowledge. They are likewise beat makers inside Empower Network.

Dubli Edges Four Corners Alliance Group For "Top 2015 Home Business Opportunity"

Dubli, Dubli, Dubli. Wukar, wukar, wukar…

…you’ve probably heard the buzz.

In 2003, a global marketing giant, DubLi first began offering people the opportunity to develop income based upon the products that were already being sold all around the world.

These products were items that were purchased daily on the web and since that day, DubLi is the number one company when it comes to selling e-commerce directly.

Just recently, a work-from-home e-zine found the Dubli was poised to be the likeliest candidate to breakout in 2015, edging out popular 4-6 matrix Four Corners Alliance Group.

Never heard of Dubli?

This post will help you out..

wake up now passion

Here’s a solid proposition anyone can give you in life – wake up doing something you absolutely love to do.

No matter what your agenda or career in life, waking up and starting everyday with passion and purpose will fuel your profits into a whole new paradigm.

There are countless ways to go about living a fulfilling lifestyle, and many experts will share and show how they do it but you must find your own way of doing it because the sanctification and curiosity of your own mind is unique only to you.

profit strategyThere are business programs like Wake Up Now that are specifically designed to help you start a better day and live a more satisfying life by making money with who you want how you want.

Starting a Blog? Here's Where to Start (It's Not What You Think)

Starting a new blog takes initiative in two directions: one is the nuts and bolts and the other is the content of the blog. The former is of course necessary but the latter is what will determine the success or failure of your new blog. So, contrary to what most people think, the first step to starting a new blog is not buying a domain or setting up the blogging platform software. It’s coming up with your angle…